The Smart Application and Platform Integration of HD Video in Age of Big Data

On October 10, 2012, a New Technologies Seminar on HD Smart / Platform Integration was held by BOCOM Smart jointly with Anhui Provincial Public Security Dept. and Intel Corporation in the Phoenix Hotel in Chaohu City, Anhui Province. Guests from Anhui Provincial Public Security Dept., Bocom, Intel and Hefei Public Security Technology Institute, had in-depth discussions of on the smart application and platform integration for high-definition video in the Age of Big Data.

Chairman Mr. Zhang Tao shared Bocom’s latest R&D results in the HD video tech and platform integration system, and the future of technical development direction. It caused a strong response among the invited guests and technical experts. Bocom’s Vice President Mr. Tian Guang and Yu Zhenghua delivered keynote speeches, which exchanged with research results and application experience to the attendees.

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