ITS Big Data Solution——IDF2013, BOCOM's Big Data Solution and Products Become Popular

Intel's annual IDF is held in CNCC Beijing from April 10-11, 2013. It is of the largest scale and most attendees that IDF held in China since 1999. At the forum, leading technical experts and IT elites gathered from all over the world shared the updated technologies developed by Intel and its partners, experienced technological changes with the audience led to convenience and enjoyment of our life.

Diane Bryant, Intel Senior VP and GM of Datacenter and Connected Systems BU, underscored the importance of the data center in enabling personal computing experiences to deliver real-time information and services.

Arley Zhang, BOCOM Chairman, introduced the Big Data  solution for the smart traffic in urban area. BOCOM is able to build this end-to-end solution, Intel architecture based, to tackle the challenge from data acquisition to the data mining for the aforementioned challenges. Furthermore, the analyzed data can also be used for future transportation infrastructure optimization and referenced for new infrastructure build out to alleviate the future similar issues. And the data can also be for other purposes like to correlate the air quality with the emission from the vehicles, which will provide scientific basis for the government to make the right policies and regulations to improve the environment.

As a strategic partner of Intel, Bocom is also invited to present a joint project with Intel "BOCOM Smart Cloud Big Data Appliance"  and "BOCOM Image Cloud Intelligent Processing Terminal"  at IDF 2013. The excellent and powerful performances of the above devices draw great attention of public. Bocom will continue to give R&D input in big data research for Smart Cit applications, and launch more efficient big data industry products.

BOOCM delivered a keynote speech with a subject of “Big Data  solution for urban traffic” in IDF2013. Mr. Cai Zhaohui, BOCOM Principal Engineer of Cloud Computing Centre , shared his experience from the key technology, end-to-end solution and some practical applications. 


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