Core Technology

1、 image analysis and content index key techniques
Image analysis technology integrates advanced Image acquisition and processing technology, computer vision technology, and intelligent mode identification technology, user-oriented and is capable to identify “people, vehicle, object”, to extract features and to analyze behaviors. Content index which based on image analysis uses associated comparison, integrated analysis and big data to locate and search the objects among the collection of massive information efficiently.
Core technologies include: full video 3D model of dynamic detection, crossing camera tracking identification which based on the content of the video, full feature structure description of multiple objects, face detect and recognition technology , searching images with features of images, video summary and concentration, behavior analysis and event detection, parallel video analysis technology etc.

2、 Data management and mining key technology
Data management and mining means all activities including: information collection,organization, storage, processing and utilization. Bocom combined with years of accumulated industry experience and technology, guided by the public security and traffic control business requirement, applying various advanced data management and mining technology to integrate intelligent security and traffic data processing, analyze and find the value.
Core technologies include: Advanced ETL data acquisition technologies, integrated metadata management, data sharing, exchanging technology and large data storage technology, data visualization rendering techniques, Bocom innovation of intelligent data mining algorithms and public security, traffic data service set.

3、 Big data applications
Bocom wasted no time to increase researching inputs on base technology architecture of big data of images, video parsing processing technology, and data mining application, make the breakthrough of big data of images used in application mode, security information and service mode, master the key technology of big data of images, launch the thematic application technology of face big data, and card mouth big data, and video big data.
Core technologies include: large image intelligently resolution, massive video storage management, high efficient searching of vast amount of images, provides users with high-resolution cloud services of images index.

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